The City

This has been my guilty pleasure for the last two weeks:

from my Facebook

MTV’s reality show The City follows the life of Whitney who recently moved from Los Angeles to New York city to intern for Diane Von Furstenberg. Whitney used to be with The Hills, which was the sequel to Laguna Beach. I used to watch Laguna Beach regularly until the cast became irritating; I never bothered watching The Hills. That all changed when I decided to give City’s pilot episode a shot and I found myself getting hooked.

Aside from Whitney, the camera follows around her best friend, Erin; romantic interest, Jay, he with the fluffiest, shiniest and healthiest hair it almost hurts; and my “favorite,” the rising antagonist, Olivia. Olivia is young, rich and pretty. Pretty catty as well. Consider last week’s episode when she and Olivia met with Manolo Blahnik for an autograph signing:

Whitney: (as Manolo autographs her new pair of shoes) This is my first pair of Manolos.

Manolo: It won’t be the last, believe me.

Olivia: (interjects with no one asking her) My first pair was I think, when I was 17 for my dey-bah (that’s “debut” for us plebeians).

Manolo’s assistant, who is just next by, is caught by the camera rolling her eyes, lol.

Olivia also looks so… so sex-starved. Whenever Whitney mentions Jay to her, she gets this famished and envious look on her; she’s so transparent!

So yes, the show is shallow and vapid but I’m entertained by it. I rarely get that in local TV, wherein if it’s shallow and vapid, then it’s irritating (e.g., Lipgloss).


8 thoughts on “The City

  1. Shan Abellaneda says:

    Jason – by the way, i've read in ur blog that u hate plagiarism, being a writer urself, so id like to thank u & let u know that i got the idea from ur blog on using "the secret-present tense" for my new year's resolutions hehe 🙂


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