The New Mrs. O (and our very own 2010 candidates)

I’m continued to be amazed by the US First Lady’s sartorial choices, particular during her and President Obama’s first official sojourn in Europe — they’re all so chic and smart, and yet, highly considerate of the times (read: not appearing vain and self-centered in consideration of problems back home).

Even some of the pieces which I wasn’t too fond of was forgivable (not that she needed any forgiveness… and in case, it shouldn’t definitely come from me), like this Thakoon coat with an unflattering shape:

Credit: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Underneath was a far flattering dress by the same designer:

Credit: Sean Gallup /Getty Images

In London, she wore just one accessory throughout her itinerary, a double strand of pearls, which she paired with an Azzedine Alaia and Isabel Toledo to meet the Queen; and J.Crew to meet the Prime Minister:

Credit: John Stillwell /Getty Images

Credit: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

And I thought no other First Lady could be as interesting as Mrs. Sarkozy!

Follow Mrs. O’s fashion through Mrs. O.

* * * *

Potential 2010 Philippines First Ladies:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket From left: Cynthia Villar, Elenita Binay (in blue) and Korina Sanchez
(Credits:, and

Don’t they get you excited? 🙂


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