The wonders of tea

I am loving my office desk right now. Here’s how a small inexpensive item or two can create a seemingly (haha) zen-like atmosphere:

I bought a porcelain set of teacup and demitasse with saucers from Gourdo’s. So anytime a colleague comes in and harasses me for anything, I can ask her to sit on the couch, relax, have tea and we can talk about oh, I don’t know, the weather, kids, childhood dreams, unicorns and rainbows. We can be best friends and braid each other’s hair.


It’s interesting how people can get really serious about their teacups and pots. Yesterday, we went looking around in Rustan’s and found sets that start for as “low” as P5,000. I didn’t even bother looking at the price of the ultra dainty Royal Albert teacups. I thought if you have them in the house, you better make sure a butler is serving you.

Unrelated, but I also like the way the sun shines through the Gourdo’s bag.


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