Prada Amber Pour Homme

This took me a year to find; got a whiff of it in a magazine and I immediately fell in love. It smells like soap and powder. It is very light on the first 30 minutes and then somehow, the scent matures to a woody/musky smell in the succeeding hours.

Or that could just be my armpits.

It is unavailable in Rustan’s (SAs squint their eyes when asked about it, as if they’ve never heard of it before; FYI, it does exist.) and I never quite managed to ask my relatives overseas to buy me one. Scored it by searching in the Internet one day — someone posted an ad just 24 hours prior and he was selling it for less than a fourth of its original price. Naturally, I bought it right at that minute. Met the seller in Quezon City, which I consider a province. (Anything beyond the cities of Mandaluyong and Makati is a province for me.) Came with another bottle of after-shave cologne from the same line.

Seller says it was from the UK and he didn’t like the smell. Seller is crazy.

Not that I’m complaining.

Overall, it’s a perfect addition to my other favorite scents: Acca Kappa White Moss, L’Occitane Green Tea and The Body Shop’s White Musk. Basically, my taste goes for something distinctive yet classic, fresh and light.


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