Just Always Pray at Night

Eep — I’m so excited! Pageant Director Ines Ligron gives a sneak peak of what Miss Japan will be wearing at the Miss Universe pageant in August. (As you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m a huge Miss Japan fan.)

Note that these are Versace. Off the runway.

The rest are in Ines’s blog.

The first one is what she’ll use in the preliminary interview. According to her, it is important that the interview outfit creates an impact. Interviewing about 90 girls is a boring and tiring task for the judges; the candidate has to immediately impress them even before she speaks.

And here’s the peg for her national costume. Kita panty — I love it, lol!

Details on this are also in her blog.

Japan for the win!!!


4 thoughts on “Just Always Pray at Night

  1. Jason says:

    di na ko umaasa sa philippines ü im sure stella knows all these things — that there are way better local designers/stylist than barraza and her beloved cumbia. but its obvious she doesnt care. so until she modernizes bbp, or the franchise is transferred to someone else, kebs. Walang sinabi yung batch this year sa batch ng miss earth-phil. Ang gaganda na, ok pa sa interview, pasado pa sa styling.


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