Extra large

I am now an XL, rendering my clothes unwearable. (I can still wear L but for some reason, I now have an aversion toward slim-fitting shirts. I want my clothes loose-fitting and even baggy.) This is disastrous news, considering I’ve amassed a huge heap of clothes over the years.

I’m considering just buying the same solid black, white, gray and other dark-color shirts over and over again, like a default uniform. At least, I don’t have to think of what I’d wear every morning. There’s this guy in the office who has been wearing the same black shirt since my first day at work (so that would be 5 years). I’m only getting his point of view now.


7 thoughts on “Extra large

  1. auee says:

    :-DHindi ka pwedeng magp-plain clothes lang. Sasabihan ko si rosa na mag-picket sa labas nang flat mo when you become dull like me. DO NOT SUCCUMB


  2. Jason says:

    Auee — I'm afraid no picket can stop me. Sobrang tamad na ko magbihis ngayon 😦 (Not that I'm gonna go naked ha, hehe)Thanks DJ 🙂 I'm flip-flopping between losing weight and gaining weight. Unfortunately, both require lots of effort 😛


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