Philippine Jeepney as National Costume

To rival Miss Japan, I figured the Philippines might as well turn to high fashion for inspiration.

For this costume, I take heavily from Thierry Mugler’s motorbike corset recently worn by Beyonce for her music video, Diva:

and Karl Lagerfeld, who designed Ana Wintour’s Met Gala costume in 2008:


Basically, it’s a corset made out of Jeepney parts. Those are the side mirrors on her shoulders. Headlights are on her breasts, lol. The jeep’s hood make up the transition from the corset to the bottom. If only I could draw a horse statue, that’d make up her headpiece, lol. Oh, and eyewear by Margiela, haha.

Here’s where I apply the Lagerfeld inspiration to include the jeepney’s wheels. Initially, I designed this as a long mermaid dress, but I think it’ll look better as a mini.

So there you go! Lol.


6 thoughts on “Philippine Jeepney as National Costume

  1. kal says:

    it's nice but i'm at the same time laughing at the idea because it's funny and amazing that no one has ever thought of it beforesomeone has got to be really fierce to pull this off


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