The Philippines arrives

The Miss Universe pageant is in full swing as the delegates have all arrived in Bahamas. A few weeks before, a couple of delegates have sent out press releases announcing how their delegates will arrive: Japan said its delegate would land via helicopter, and Australia’s will arrive in a speedboat.

This left me and my friends Tammy, Bianca and Jay to wonder how the Philippines would do it:

The good news: she arrived in a stretch limousine. The bad news: she was Miss Copacabana. A puzzling choice for day wear, more so for a nighttime ensemble:

Nasa Bahamas nga naman sya, so kailangan very Caribbean ang arrive, lol.

To be honest, I didn’t like her when she was crowned Miss Philippines — the space above her eyebrows was always crinkled; her default face was such that she seemed to be smelling something awful:

But all that has changed. Her features have softened, and I suspect, through the wonders of botox:

Next: how does her evening gown compare to that of the other delegates? Can she pull one off on the Versace-toting Miss Japan? Also, what did Miss Japan do for her own Caribbean look, minus the bandanna, zebra print and a plethora of dizzying colors? Abangan!


7 thoughts on “The Philippines arrives

  1. Jason says:

    Haha, dapat ba Gloria Diaz? I strongly didn't like her before but now, she's growing on me. I liked how she was running to her welcoming party when she arrived 🙂


  2. Jay says:

    yep. si margie and miriam din, ngiting nakanganga din sila. heheewan ko pero she looks retokada to me. still, i do hope she wins, or at least even place in the competition. naku, pamela, karirin mo na yan.


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