Miss Universe National Costumes: China and Peru bring it on (3rd update)

UPDATED: August 14

Panama wins Best in National Costume:

2nd place goes to Nicaragua

and 3rd place to Ecuador

I’m disappointed that China was complete shut out; judges obviously don’t appreciate understated elegance.

* * * *

Move over, Japan! The fiercest National Costumes belong to Misses China and Peru:

Another fasyon-winning moment for China.

Peru’s front and back views of her costume, “La Diablada,” which is based on a character from local folklore.

Here are the other candidates whose costumes stood out at the presentation show:

Indonesia. I am now rooting for this girl as well.

Costa Rica in a Pollera

France champions the vaudeville!

Venezuela. I don’t know what this is, but that face is pure glamor.

Singapore as a lovely orchid

USA in a NASCAR costume

Panama, also in a devil-inspired costume, titled “Diablo de Portobelo.”

Japan, with a covered-up version of her original costume, which angered the Japanese public.

Seriously, I am just thankful that Pamela looks gorgeous despite the sacrilegious terno.


9 thoughts on “Miss Universe National Costumes: China and Peru bring it on (3rd update)

  1. Jay says:

    I like Venezuela's costume. reminds me of My Fair Lady. I also like Indonesia's costume.I think we should take a cue from other countries. Maybe next year our representative should go as Mariang Makiling or Maganda. O kaya Sarimanok na lang ulit ala Ruffita.


  2. Jason says:

    True, true! Medyo di pa nga natin nasagad yung Sarimanok look — ang dami pang possibilities na kayang gawin do'n. I also liked Dindi Gallardo's, simple lang but very elegant; I think that was Maranao. Yung barong tagalog, I think pwede din gumawa ng stylized, female version.


  3. amor says:

    Pang-editorial talaga si Ms. China! I'm glad that Pamela's make-up was not too heavy compared to the earlier pics — but it never helped the costume.


  4. Jay says:

    Ang dami pa talagang opportunities. The Bb. Pilipinas Organization just lacks vision and creativity.I remember a collection by Rajo that was inspired by the Pintados. Very chic but very Pinoy pa rin. Why don't they just use that na lang?


  5. drei says:

    Philippines, feeling ko lahar or floods ung theme haha! Peru gusto ko, kaso kuha "daw" from Bolivian culture. Di daw nag uusap ung dalawang contestants ngayon at may kaso sa international court.


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