My Miss Universe bets (revised, with photos)

I made this list thinking of candidates that bring something new to the table — not one of them girls churned out by a beauty school factory or something. While I wasn’t taken by girls who looked like each of their movements and smiles were scripted, I do admit they may have upped their chances as well and considered them for this list. Also, I haven’t seen too many photos of the delegates before the preliminaries, which I think helps in making my judgments fairer since I based them on their performance during the night itself.

    Brazil — elegant and natural
    Colombia — loved the drama in her EG segment
    Dominican Republic — I find her trying too hard. Not exactly a personal favorite of mine but obviously a shoo-in because of her training.
    France — still rough around the edges but decent performance nevertheless; her genes make her a standout

    Great Britain — she reminds me of Harry Potter’s Luna Lovegood and may not actually place. But I love her still.
    Guam — I love her too but not so sure how she appeared onstage in person; she seems to lack the height for a stronger stage presence.
    Honduras — a surprise for me but I thought she performed extremely well.
    Kosovo — looked like Audrey Hepburn in her evening gown and upswept hairdo.

    Montenegro — one of the few sophisticated contestants; risky move with the evening gown but I think it made her stand out from the lack of variety in this year’s EGs and it paid off
    Peru — I feel like she and I are going to be BFFs, lol
    Russia — loved how she was very elegant as if she was above it all and didn’t appear to be trying too hard
    South Africa — much like my assessment of France
    Spain — divine face!

Overall, my faves would be Peru, Kosovo, Russia and Brazil. The following girls are those who I think played it safe due to their already beautiful genes (or surgery) and those who performed extremely well but had undesirable evening gowns. Dominican Republic, France and Guam could be replaced by the following:

    Australia — a huge favorite among pageant aficionados but overrated in my opinion. Blessed with good genes.
    China — I love her but she appeared too thin during the SS competition and this might jeopardize her chances.
    Indonesia — performed absolutely well but I hated her tacky evening gown, just like…
    Philippines — With so many other beautiful girls AND gowns, she’d need to ace her interview to make it to the semifinals.
    Puerto Rico — so-so
    Venezuela — though gorgeous in her evening gown, I found that she looked dated.
    USA — I don’t get the raves she’s getting, like Australia. But since she’s USA…

Japan, my sentimental favorite aside from Philippines, had a miserable-looking walk in her evening gown, unfortunately. She probably aced her interview if she makes it to the semifinals. Netherlands looked great in her photos but didn’t look right during pageant night.


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