Ayala Malls eco tote bags

Ayala Malls have launched eco-friendly tote bags designed by some of the country’s top designers.

From left: Michi Calica, Jun Escario, Randy Ortiz, Vic Barba, Louis Claparols and Patrice Ramos-Diaz

Available at Ayala Concierges, retail price is P400 with P100 going to the World Wildlife Fund (I’m just thankful it’s not PETA. I will never support or donate to PETA.), and the rest of the proceeds going to the designers’ charities of choice.

From the photo, Barba’s and Claparols’s look winners but when I dropped by the Concierge, I ended up only liking Barba’s. The Claparols bag, I think, is still more of a ladies tote.

I love the dark denim color and how roomy and large it is.


9 thoughts on “Ayala Malls eco tote bags

  1. Jason says:

    Hello! I think it's just this color for Barba's tote; I didn't see other variations, unlike Escario's that had a black pleather/polyester-ish version (sorry I don't know my fabrics, hehe).


  2. ms.chelle says:

    funny. i just got the claparols tote during today's lunch break. it's a huge monster tote, i love all the pockets 🙂 i picked it over the barba tote because it had longer handles


  3. Jason says:

    Hello Chelle — I bought Claparols too but ended up selling it to a friend's sister. I liked that nga for the pockets and compartments, which barba tote lacks.May gray version din pala si barba, just saw it here: http://stylesilove.blogspot.com/. Planning to get that one too if it hasn't sold out yet ;-)Herbs — what's the problem with looking and being gay? hehe 😉 but if it's really a concern maybe the gray version in the link above would suit you better.


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