Bb Pilipinas winners

Winners have been announced just hours earlier:

 From left: 2nd runner-up: Nicolette Henson; Bb Pilipinas International: Krista Kleiner; Bb Pilipinas Universe: Venus Raj; Bb Pilipinas World: Czarina Gatbonton; and 1st runner-up: Dianne Necio

The good news: All my favorites below made it to the Top 10!

The bad news: I think there was a general misplacement of the crowns. Based on the interviews — and it was the remaining criterion for judging among the finalists — Krista and Nicolette gave the best answers; Dianne’s was the worst among those who placed. Czarina answered in Tagalog, which is fine, but ran out of steam and didn’t expound on her answer as to why she wanted to be reborn as a tree, except to say that “a tree gives life” (and so does a person, hello?). Although Czarina was one of my huge favorites from the start, I wanted her in Miss International because that pageant doesn’t have an interview segment.

Nicolette was definitely robbed of a title (as well as my original favorite, Mary Anne Rose Misa who was among the Top 10 and did well in the interview), while Krista’s wit and confidence will be wasted on such an uncompetitive pageant.

As for Venus, I do still have misgivings about her close-up (plus her interview answer was ho-hum) but I’m thinking she could pull off a Denny Mendez at Miss Universe.

YouTube videos to follow once available.

* * * *

Original entry, written March 2:

Revised Bb Pilipinas forecast

Saw the preliminaries of Bb Pilipinas last Sunday with the entertaining (yet a few tacky) ternos, and the (just plain tacky) cocktail dresses, and I’m revising my wishlist to the following:

Miss Universe (tie)

 Dianne Necio 
She had the best presentation skills, in my opinion. Great catwalk! (It is said she’s underage for MU, though.)
Krista Kleiner 
Another catwalk stunner. She also won Miss Talent with a song-and-dance performance which says a lot about how comfortable she is onstage.

Alternate: Nicolette Henson 
She needs to work on her body, though she still  has enough time before MU. She lacks spice onstage, too prim, if you will. She also reminds me of Korina Sanchez, lol.

Miss World
Gwendoline Ruais
A Ruffa Gutierrez in the making, minus the scandals. 
Alternate: Venus Raj
Won Best in Terno. She was scarily thin in the swimsuit round that she looked like a Tim Burton character. I also can’t manage to look at her face that long. Otherwise, she’s great at projecting and looks even greater in a gown. OK for Miss World but I would absolutely not like her for Miss Universe.

Miss International (tie)
Czarina Catherine Gatbonton
A beautiful morena.
or Nicolette Henson
Alternate: Mary Ann Ross Misa
This lady looks she doesn’t exert any effort, like she doesn’t even care at all. Hence, she looks bored onstage. Still, I like her face.
To summarize, I’m OK with my Miss Universe choices, plus Gwen, winning, not only the Universe title but also the World and International tilts. I most definitely don’t like Venus for Universe. I’ve misgivings on Nicolette as she looks like she’s only Miss International caliber at this point — but with training, has a shot at Miss Universe.
Now, we’d only need to wait for how they answer interviews.

8 thoughts on “Bb Pilipinas winners

  1. Deepa says:

    i've been waiting for this post! hahaha. dianna necio reminds me of diana zubiri and krista kleiner reminds me of kat alano. i think krista looks too caucasian for me to really represent pinays. i wish there were more striking morenas.i like gwendoline ruais. that is a smashing terno she's got on.


  2. ms.chelle says:

    i agree! i really really thought nicolette henson would be in the top 3, and i dont think dianne necio should be in the top 5 at all :Si hope they teach czarina gatbonton to give better answers (sana di sya maubusan ng cells after 2 sentences!)


  3. Deepa says:

    dapat si jessica zafra na lang kunin na interpreter. diba she subtitles pinoy indie movies in english? tapos kung magkalat yung contestant, ibahin niya yung sagot at gawin mas profound. tiyak magtatagumpay tayo! *evil laughter*


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