Breaking them in is hard to do

I’m on my third day and geezwhiz, my feet are in pain! The size is just right (I can still wiggle my toes around) but it’s taking such a herculean effort to break them in! I’ve developed six blisters; every time I walk, I feel like a Chinese girl with lotus feet. Give me my cheongsam.

 Venus fly trap

The thing about the Sebago Docksides, my first pair ever, is that the leather is tough. Three days of consecutive uses and there is nary a wrinkle. And being a masochist for vanity’s sake, I intend to wear them everyday until they become soft and I feel like I’m walking on clound nine, a promise akin to that of our presidential candidates’: highly questionable. I’m even tempted to wear them outside with socks but the thought gives me goosebumps.

I did a few Google searches and some say the break in period for this particular brand and style takes weeks — Lord, help me. Others says there’s no such thing as a break in for the Docksides — screw you.

From my experience, Singaporean brand Pedro’s casual shoes don’t require breaking in, even on Day One. They are the most comfortable shoes ever — I can walk on them for hours and my feet won’t hurt.

Zara’s sneakers also don’t require breaking in — except the quality is very poor; I’ve two pairs that require retirement and they’re not even a year old.

Vans requires some breaking in. In fact, I have one that’s about four- or five-years old and I can’t stand walking on them for one whole day without the feeling that I’d develop blisters somewhere near my heel. (Though in fairness, Vans never did give me blisters.)

Rubber shoes, like those from Nike, Adidas and Gola, are padded and cushioned, so they don’t cause blistering (and of course, you wear socks with them).

Got break in tips (for shoes, not cars and houses)? Fire away under comments.


5 thoughts on “Breaking them in is hard to do

  1. Deepa says:

    Hubby swears by his Timberland shoes. He managed to find a pair that looks like a really nice leather oxfords instead of the usual chunky/work book/redneck Timberland type. He says they're even comfier than sneakers. To break in leather or synthetic leather shoes, I usually lightly rub a candle around the inside of the shoe, especially at the heel which is prone to blisters. It makes them easier to wear and reduces friction. It was a trick I learned from my yaya when I was five. Never fails me.


  2. Jason says:

    Yey, they're more comfortable to wear now (fifth day)!Deepa — never considered Timberland kasi parang butch na butch, lol. Thanks for the candle tip!Onin — that does make A LOT of sense pero ayaw ko, hehe 😀



    "I feel like a Chinese girl with lotus feet. Give me my cheongsam" hahaha you are too funny! Deepa's right, lightly rubbing a candle around the inside of the shoe, especially at the heel will make it easier to wear. Love your pair of Sebago's BTW.


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