Who wants to be a millionaire?

I have long been disturbed by this news of a televangelist in Davao that claims to have 6 million followers, particularly because presidential candidates seemed to go out of their way to get his endorsement. I wondered why people give this man such power when he clearly sounds like a lunatic — a ploy he used to get rich and uses to get richer.

This documentary by The Probe Team shows that Apollo Quiboloy now owns a high-walled compound; luxury vehicles that include a helicopter and jet; TV and radio stations; and real estate in Indonesia, Japan, Dubai, US, Canada and Europe.

Members of Quiboloy’s cult pay tithes, sacrificial, love, wave (?) and even TV fees, among others. A mother also lost her daughter to the cult (watch Part 4 of the video below).

To see just how this self-proclaimed “voice of god,” anointed one” and “king of the new race” is rich, watch below.

An excerpt:

Cheche Lazaro: How do you fund this?

Quiboloy: Through the obedience of all of the sons and daughters of the father almighty of the kingdom nation.

Amazing in the most disturbing way.


2 thoughts on “Who wants to be a millionaire?

  1. Ana Filibini says:

    Funny enough, my stepfather learned tagalog through Quiboloy when he was on vacation. He said the guy is crazy and mesmerizing at the same time. We lived in Davao and I saw his estates, your words are right – amazingly disturbing.


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