Eleksyon 2010

The voting process itself was speedier that my previous experiences (and we can expect the counting of ballots to be much better) but I couldn’t understand the inefficiencies surrounding it. One, we had to line up for a number, which we would use to line up to get our ballot: I mean, why not just directly queue for the ballots? We ended up in line for almost three hours, although I heard it was much worse for others.

Here’s what greeted us when we arrived at the public elementary school: complete mess and chaos; people who just arrived (that’s us!) had no idea what was happening and what to do.

Voting precinct from The Concierge on Vimeo.

We were told we had to sign up on a sheet of paper and we did: the dude standing on the chair then had to read our names one by one, which I felt was an absolute waste of time. Once our names were called, we then proceeded outside for the queue. While queued, we were given our numbers.

Inside the classroom, I decided to check what elementary kids are reading these days. Here’s a page from their English and Grammar book, lol!

When I was about to enter the voting room, a poll watcher, for some reason, accidentally spilled his mineral water on my arm and torso. Strangely, I was calm about the whole thing, although I had to wait and dry myself because I didn’t want to spoil my ballot.

Voting took me about four minutes because I was really careful with my shading. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the PCOS machine finally verified my vote and congratulated me for it.

It took us less than three hours overall, but seriously, that’s nothing compared the years we had to endure under the present administration.

*At this hour, election results are already streaming in. On that account alone, I think this entire exercise has been worth it all that trouble although I feel real sad about the election-related violence being reported in the news today and the past week.


6 thoughts on “Eleksyon 2010

  1. jaollibee says:

    tawang-tawa ko sa "play with us, Jason." so did you uhm, play with them? LOL!this is even funnier than what we read in Nursery that said, "come baby come. come to mother. come to father." hahahahaha!


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