I’m nearing the end of Noli so I decided to buy new books for end-May and June.

I’ve heard only good, really good, things about Miguel Syjuco’s Ilustrado. I had to blink twice when I saw the price—P280 at National Bookstore. New releases definitely don’t go that low in these times.

I then proceeded to my favorite thrift stall in Glorietta, where paperbacks and hardbound books go for P99 AND are on a Buy One, Take One promo. It didn’t take me long to find these two:

Reporting Back: Notes on Journalism by Lillian Ross. I’m hoping this will help me improve on my feature- and profile-writing, although a quick look at the reviews on Amazon show readers were unimpressed, if not irritated, with Lillian and therefore, found this book to be self-serving. I’ve never read any of her work so we’ll see.

The Twins of Tribeca by Rachel Pine. I picked this up primarily because I liked the book design, haha. Eventually, I figured this will be my next read after Noli, just so I can take a break from the serious novels and non-fiction I’ve been reading since the start of the year. I took a look at this online review and I think I may have found a winner. The book is written by a former Miramax employee and the events and characters are allegedly based on real life. Characters that are identifiable to real-life actors and personalities include Steven Seagal, Billy Bob Thornton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Woody Allen, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, John Ritter, Larry Flynt, Woody Harrelson, Charlize Theron, David Schwimmer and Anna Wintour.


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