Today is a beautiful day for the Philippines kasi good mood ang lahat ng becky ngayon, lol. The preliminaries was held earlier, wherein judges select the Top 15, and Venus Raj nailed both the evening gown and swimsuit competitions (though I felt, more in the EG segment than during the SS round.)

‘Teh, ikaw na!

First off, I love her look: nutribun kung nutribun, lol! Many pageant enthusiasts don’t like this hairstyle for her, but it has grown on me: I think it’s very old school Miss India. If you remember last year, Miss Kosovo created a huge wave at the evening gown competition for her Audrey Hepburn hairstyle—I think it creates the same effect for Venus without looking costume-y.

For the second round, which was the swimsuit, she did the obvious, which was let her hair down. Her look could have used some improvement, but since her hair was tied up in a bun earlier, understandably, it didn’t have that great of an effect letting it down. But nevertheless, she looked great. I used to worry that she’d look too thin in this round—and she did in in her photosbut onstage, it didn’t look like it mattered.

At syempre, I had to watch out for Peru. Ever since I heard the rumor, wiz ko na sya type. Na-karma ang lola nyo at nadulas ng slight sa evening gown portion. At tawang-tawa ko sa introduction nya—feelingera! As you may know, Peru and the Philippines are next to each other when arranged alphabetically.

Peru:” Pakitaan ko nga ‘tong chaperon na ‘to.”

“Giuliana Zevallos, 22, Peru!”

*Lukewarm applause from the crowd*

Peru: “Shet, ang dami-dami kong fans, yeeeeessss!!!”
Venus: “Maghintay ka lang, bruha ka.”
“O ‘teh, ready ka na?”


“Maria Venus Raj, 22, Philippines!!!”
*Huge cheers and applause from the crowd*

Watch everything here:


7 thoughts on “Raj-raj-ah-ah-ah-ah!

  1. Jason says:

    Correct!!! I made the same observation too — di sya nag Glo-Gloria Diaz nganga, lol! Baka nire-reserve nya for the finals, haha. Grabe si Peru ngumanga, parang lalamon ng baka!


  2. Deepa says:

    padding kung padding sa swimsuit competition! and infurnee her evening gown doesn't look like a total disaster. may chance!scary naman ang nganga. don't like!


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