1. Gifts from across the seas 2. My bedroom

Pam and Jill recently arrived back from the US and Japan, and Giff finally escaped the fridge that is Canada (LOL!) and they were so awesome they included me and friends in their shopping list.

I simply wanted a canvas tote bag from Dean & Deluca since I saw this blog post on The Sartorialist (which also ended up in the book), but when Jill took a photo and Pam modeled it, ay parang ayoko na, lol.

But seriously, Jill said it didn’t look like it was worth US$45 and I agreed. Pam then tweeted me and kept me in suspense:

@ we got you something better than that dean and deluca choova! ๐Ÿ˜€ kamukha pa din pero we think you’ll like it more!
I fully agree!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Tatin pointed out that the buttons with the initials M & J also stand for Mon and Jason! ๐Ÿ˜€

I promise to always use this tote and refuse plastic bags whenever possible! (I still haven’t solved the fast food takeout conundrum.)

But it looks like I can be more environment-friendly in the plastic cutlery department with this awesome Klipo set!

You can clip off the head from the handles and change them into spoon, fork, knife or chopsticks:

Sorry, iba-iba ang white balance ko, lol.

It’s funny how my eyes actually widened more over this than the Marc Jacobs bag, lol! It’s a Madeline bean toy!!!!

I super love Madeline as you can tell from this 2005 post. It’s not clearly seen in this photo but she also has a satin ribbon on her head, lol.

Pam and Jill also brought us chocolates but I’ve eaten them so no photo, lol.

Giff gave this bottle of ice wine which is so pretty I’m not sure I can bring myself to drink it.

But since Giff swears by the taste, of course I’ll have to eventually drink it and I’ll probably reuse the bottle.

Since I was shooting in my room, I also decided to take a few pictures of my bedroom which I only got to arrange after six months of moving into our new apartment.

First, I love my sheets, and those stood for the background in the product photos above. I got them from IKEA and they’re really inexpensive for 100% cotton, like HK$100 to HK$200 for a set (includes two pillowcases). Last weekend, I wanted buy new ones at SM, but quality sheets were running in the thousands! Ayaw ng wallet ko, so I’m getting more on my next trip to whichever country has IKEA.

Speaking of IKEA, kamusta naman ang floor lamp na HK$120 lang?!

I’ve had more expensive meals for two at McDonald’s! I love this lamp because it’s stainless, the stem is completely flexible, the base is chrome aluminum, and the head never gets hot to touch. As in you can keep it on for hours, touch the lamp cover and it remains as cool as the room temperature! Amazing!

If you zoom in on the left, you’d find another pasalubong from a year ago, this time, from my India-based friend, Pepe:

Ganesh is the lord of letters and learning so I think he deserves his place in my stack of books.

And yep, this is my entire wardrobe ๐Ÿ™‚

I have more shirts in the closet (which I’ve set aside until I lose my attachment to them) but these are basically my clothes that are in heavy rotation. I’m really taking that New York Times article on living simply/wardrobe frugality very seriously and I will definitely edit this further…

… except I bought this new shirt from Bench, lol!

My excuse is that I don’t have anything in this color yet (it’s salmon pink!) so I hope I am forgiven ๐Ÿ˜€ I also looove Bench’s bag this holiday season. It does sparkle!

Anyhoo, lapse aside, I’ve managed to keep my wall free of clutter (for now), except for my Fisheye No. 2 camera and watch, which I find to be a play on the relativity of time.


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