This is awkward

Due to insistent public demand, I decided to continue this blog.


I mean, I wouldn’t say my friends were insistent, and by public, I actually meant about 15, but among the sweet messages, this one really went straight to my Pope-hating heart:

I’ve been reading your entries since I was in high school when I clicked over a random search result in Google. Now I’m graduating in college. Haha sorry medyo stalker-ish. Wala lang. I’ve been a fan, learned a lot from your blog, sad that one of the blogs I’ve been following has ended.

I had visual images of unicorns, cupcakes, rainbows and the Care Bears (except Grumpy) and they all let out a collective sigh of “Aaaaw.” Na-touch talaga ko down there.

Um no, not that low.

There was also Iggy’s sweet blog post. While I was writing my response to her entry, in which I was encouraging her never to stop blogging, I realized, “Eh ngek, ba’t ikaw nag-stop?!” That slapped me awake.

And also, Miss Universe 2011 will be held in Sao Paolo, Brazil—I mean, I just have to blog about that, right?! (Bb Pilipinas lost the rights to Miss World too—so many beauty pageant news to tide me over until Miss Universe season!)

So yep, I will have to eat my words and blog again. I just need to figure out how to delete/hide my early archives because I really can’t stand those. I tried switching to another blog/URL but I’ve invested a lot of tweak-hours on this template and I love it so much I can’t imagine myself using another template. (And moving, it seems, wouldn’t be a breeze and glitch-free either.) So let me just sort those and bluearden should be typing away once again. Found the solution; I’m officially back online 🙂

Oh, and speaking of awkward:

Alam na!


11 thoughts on “This is awkward

  1. Elvin says:

    Ako din I've been reading your blog since college yata LOL. Seriously. J Journals pa ang title tapos may animated gif ng furious writer who bled to death typing. LOLOL.


  2. Jason says:

    LOL! Grabe Elvin, I forgot about that gif until today. At oist, blog regularly na ha. :-PThanks Eon! I love the metaphor — I promise to continue using it to stab the homophobe and plagiarist 😉


  3. miks says:

    Glad you're back! I think I started reading your blog 2 or 3 years ago. I don't know how I found it, must be thru Google also. Anyway, I saw you one time in Makati and I had to stop myself from saying hi and making chika. I had to remind myself di pala tayo friends in real life haha! Stalkerish lang din haha! Merry Christmas! 🙂


  4. amor says:

    anyway, maka-flashback nga…i came across your blog via pam pastor's blog (i stalked her blog before, hehe)..i find the layout simple (safe from prying eyes in the office) and the entries funny and insightful.


  5. Jason says:

    Super late ka na sa balita! LOL!Medyo nosebleed sya, but here's my reference: pinaka-tricky lang dito I guess is yung dun sa "Creating a Static Page" na part, kailangan mo ulit-ulitin yung line sa item #5 for every month or year na gusto mo i-hide. In my case, yearly format ginamit ko so I only had to repeat the line seven times since I hid 2002 to 2008.Ayan, sa sobrang nosebleed baka effective 'to pang induce ng labor, lol.


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