The Adjustment Bureau

  • Splendid acting from Matt Damon and Emily Blunt; I cannot imagine anyone else capable of giving credence to this sci-fi thriller without reducing the premise into incredulity. As a young Congressman running for Senator, this must be Matt’s best role yet (though I haven’t seen Good Will Hunting in a long while): I love how one look at him and you instantly get a feel of his character’s narrative (my new word for the month :-D). Emily was flawlessit was easy to believe how one man would throw caution to the wind (apologies for the cliché, I’m avoiding spilling a potential spoiler here) for this woman.
  • Awesome premise, albeit overused: destiny versus free will. Amusing in that ‘God’ was given a bureaucratic treatment, and thus, is referred to in the movie as ‘The Chairman,’ and hence, I keep imagining the face of our company’s own CEO and Chairman, who does have a slight resemblance to the Western image of a catholic God. ‘Angels’ in this case appear as corporate drones (“We do need vacations,” said one to the other) clad in suits and fedoras.
  • The ending was as trite as Hollywood can be, which was a shame.

4 thoughts on “The Adjustment Bureau

  1. Jason says:

    This is the first time I seriously liked Matt Damon. (And like you, I love Emily too.) The direction and cinematography is rich in that somber and broody kind of way. (Parang film 101 journ student lang kung magsulat, lol.)I guess these deserve the P200 ticket price 😀 Medyo letdown lang talaga yung ending (for me ha) because throughout the film, ang smart ng pagkaka-treat sa movie (and that is thanks largely to the actors).


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