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Mr Gay World is here!

For some reason, there is no press coverage on the ongoing Mr Gay World hosted by Manila. I may be frustrated by the CBCP but I have to admit, I’m happy to be in a country that hosts gay pageants, and an international one at that. (And this must be a first.) But sadly, due to the poor coverage, I’m afraid that we’re missing out on some opportunities here: one, to show the world that Manila is a gay-friendly city; and two, for the organizers and participants to slap us awake: the Philippines is one of only seven countries in the world with steady increase of HIV cases. (Of course, this is not to say that it is a gay disease, but the growth in cases is high among homosexual men.)

Speaking of advocacies, I am a gender diversity equal opportunity for eye candies blogger, and since I recently wrote about the Bb Pilipinas ladies, let’s take a look at some of the Mr. Gay World finalists that are on our local shores right at this moment πŸ˜›

Gonzalo Bagaloni, Argentina
Winner ang brooding eyes at ang succulent lips. May pagka-
Olivier Martinez na na-stretch sa MS Paint.
Leigh Charles, Australia
Ahem. Ngayon ang start ng Lenten season, lol.

Rupert Arrindell, Curacao
Lest you forget that this is after all, Mr Gay World, lol!

Mischa Germeraad, Netherlands
Deepa, is this a good peg for Dutch men?

Aaron Comis, New Zealand
Stanley Tucci!!! A really hot Stanley Tucci πŸ˜›
(Top photo: the aanhin ang undershirt kung may pandesal naman look.)

Israel Acevedo, Spain
Parang gay porn version ni Ricky Martin, should you forget that Ricky Martin has announced that he’s gay and that he’s not a porn star.

Michael Kevin Holtz, USA
A professional swimmer-turned-LGBT activist; therefore, he’s hot.
Marc Ernest Biala, Philippines
May Mr. Friendship ba sa pageant na ‘to? LOL. Fine, joke lang.

To see the rest of the candidates and for ticket inquiries, check out the Mr Gay World website.


6 thoughts on “In other news

  1. Deepa says:

    Because It's not Mr. Gay World without a shiny gold blazer, LOL!Kawawa naman si Mr. Argentina, talagang hanggang MS Paint lang ang pag-stretch niya. Hindi man lang umabot sa level ng Photoshop.Hindi ko gets si Mr. Netherlands. He looks like an Asian mix. Yung mga katutubo dito mukhang gawa sa gatas, haha. But actually what I've noticed is that it's very international here. So pwede na rin. Mr. Philippines… utoy, sa Mother Ignacia po ang That's My Boy. Thanks.


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