The Gray Matters Mugshot Photo Session

On March 20 (Sunday), photographer Jill Lejano will hold the first “Gray Matters” photo session at Daylight Studio in Cubao X.


For P1,000 (student rate: P500),  two kinds of photographs will be taken of each participant:  their portrait and their special Gray Matters mugshot, wherein they will be asked to answer the question, “What’s in your head?” Participants will be encouraged to upload their photos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networking sites to help spread awareness about brain cancer.
All proceeds from the photo session will be used to fund Jason Buera’s treatment, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in December 2010.

To know more about Jason and this project, or to reserve a slot for the photo session, visit the Gray Matters Project website.

*Text and images were taken from the Gray Matters website.


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