"Why the Marcoses want Ferdinand buried a hero"

It is an absolute insult and stupidity whenever someone calls Marcos a ‘great president.’ By what measure? By amount of money stolen? By how much damage done to the social and political fabric of a country? By human rights violations committed?

You know what torturing 10,000 Filipinos is like? I made a rough calculation. I divided the figure by 14 years of the dictatorship – that means, 714 people are tortured every year.  Or roughly 59 a month…

… Sure, the Marcos conjugal dictatorship built hospitals, roads and the longest bridge in the country. But they extracted huge COMMISSIONS AND MARK-UPS from these projects.

Remember, that was what happened to the Bataaan Nuclear Power Plant. The attendant corruption made the integrity of the physical structure highly questionable. And you and I shouldered the payments and the loans for it to the tune of US$155,000 a day. The entire loan was only recently repaid.

Without the rampant graft and corruption, the Marcos couple could have built much, much more. Because of this, I’m not impressed with those who hero-worship them on that basis.

Also, Ninoy Aquino was jailed for seven years just because he was in the opposition. Think.


2 thoughts on “"Why the Marcoses want Ferdinand buried a hero"

  1. eon says:

    i was born two years before the people power revolution so i don't have first hand experience of what was it like. but i read. i read killing time in a warm place and the jupiter effect. i read history books. i read old newspapers. and because i read, i know.i have no memory of martial law, but those who have, seem to be forgetful.


  2. Jason says:

    Raissa brings up an interesting point in her blog — this period in our history isn't taught in schools (at least during the time when I was still in high school). What I know of martial law I learned from my parents and research.


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