Discovery Shores, Boracay

I find that that there are two schools of thought when it comes to Boracay: one, those that resent its development, preferring its previously unspoilt shores that only had a handful of nipa huts and cottages; and two, those that enjoy the perks of its ever-increasing shops and establishments.

I’m leaning toward the latter although on my last visit to the island, I was aghast to find how the main road has become so narrow with all the hotels and buildings that have crept up on both sides. I have some misgivings too about Starbucks although, erm, I did buy a cup from them during one my previous stays there.

Discovery Shores is one of those complexes that have earned criticism from Boracay purists: its architecture does not blend with the environment, as opposed to say, nearby Fridays. It is imposing (though sleek), whereas it could have been more organic.

Personally, I like itthe edifices allow guests to have their own world, separate from the beach strip overrun by tourists. As a building, those in the upper floors also get to have their own, private view of the beach.

The view at night

The rooms are spacious. (The better ones have their own jacuzzi in the balcony.)

Guests are treated to a foot bath upon arrival:

and sweets with pandan juice for refreshment

The complimentary drinks weren’t bad either with freshly ground coffee and a tray of Twinings tea.

I wasn’t too impressed by the toiletries; as a luxury hotel, I thought they’d offer signature lines here:

The maintenance staff also left her bottle of room freshener, which you can see on the sink, lol.

The bath and toilet were too bare for my taste: (The sink is located outside this separated space, behind the mini bar counter, as you can see in the 7th photo from top.)

And I seriously don’t get 4 minutes:

I find the giveaway tote cute:

Other amenities include an iPod dock, free WiFi (if you can get a signal; it’s pretty strong at the lobby and pool area though). Breakfast buffet is disappointing (sorry I had to mention it) but overall, it had been a pleasant experience and I’d be happy to be back.

As a warning: practically all the guys here wear Vilebrequin. You don’t need to wear something similarly expensive but do bring something presentable.

What I see through my window

6 thoughts on “Discovery Shores, Boracay

  1. eon says:

    so atak naman ako ng greenbelt 5 to check out Vilebrequin. Hindi ako ready sa price. But it's something I will aspire to have in the near future. 🙂


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