Nope, I’m not directing my amusement toward an addicted person (and in that sentence basically lies the problem: I’m not even laughing out loud); rather, I overuse the acronym. I’m starting to annoy myself, although I have to admit that when I read other people’s (particularly friends’) sentence which has LOL in it, I get it. I know how you feel like. I can hear your voice as you breathlessly deliver your joke. I actually find the hirit funny.

I know you have a personality.

I’ve nothing against the, I guess, more technically correct “hahaha” but if we’re going to be strict about these things, my laughter is nothing like hahaha. Nowadays, whenever I’ve used LOL a hundred times and I need to use hahaha just to switch it up, I am careful not to sound contrived like a chortling contravida. That’s how I feel about hahaha.

Hahaha is like LOL with Botox.

Those who complain against LOL also have the same issue against :-P. They say, who actually sticks out their tongue at people except five-year-olds?

I may be a Miss Universe fan but I never actually smile like this: 😀


5 thoughts on “LOL-addicted

  1. Deepa says:

    I still use haha (or hahaha) in my own writing more than LOL. Is this another mark of the dinosaur, like my aversion to Tumblr? I tend to use LOL more when reacting to someone over chat than to punctuate my own hirits. La lang, napaisip talaga ako. Haha. (Eeep!)


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