Miss Universe 2011: PNoy’s First Lady, anyone?

I think this year marked the first time I wrote so many blog entries, tweets and articles on Miss Universe, I just might suffer from withdrawal symptoms once the event is over. (Follow me on my Twitter account, where I’ll be live-tweeting my thoughts on the pageant barring technology and WiFi problems.)

Here’s my last pre-pageant article which I enjoyed writing for TV5’s website, www.interaksyon.com.

On September 13, the Miss Universe pageant will crown its new queen in Brazil. Eighty nine candidates will be vying for the title after three rounds of intense eliminations: the swimsuit, evening gown and final question-and-answer.
The Philippines must realize that this annual convention of beauty is good for the nation: specifically, it is good for PNoy. Why should our bachelor president limit his search for love in the country, when international marriages are de rigueur and potentially produce cute babies that may eventually win star searches on TV?
Resistance from the President is futile. As Pinoys, we must poke our noses into other people’s problems, most especially those that concern love. Every one of us has been subjected to various interrogations and prodding by family, friends, and strangers about our civil (or Facebook relationship) status. Why should he be exempted?
Hence, we looked into the roster of candidates for the 2011 Miss Universe pageant and picked ladies whose marriage with Mr. President bodes well for his personal life and the country’s future.

Continue reading here.


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