My post-Miss Universe 2011 thoughts

I got 7 of my 15 predictions. Bagsak, lol!

* * * *

I’m still smarting from Shamcey’s “loss” at yesterday’s Miss Universe. I’m placing it in quotes because to me, she really did win, having given her best; also, fourth place is nothing to sniff at. So to Shamcey, congratulations! Your answer was worthy of a Miss Universe crown and I couldn’t have been prouder as your pageant whisperer.

Now to ALL her fellow candidates in the Top 5, here’s my lovely message:

Bwakanginanyo, ang dadaya nyo!!! Kung maka-English sa Top 10 video package, ang gagaling, tapos pag dating sa final Q&A, biglang may mga interpreter?!

At yung Angola, di naman sinagot yung tanong. “Here’s an advice: respect one another”ano naman kinalaman nyan sa original question?! Obvious bang she was only pandering to the masses? (Bukod pa sa ang patronizing pa. You look perfect because you are respectful, and so ano kami? Ulol.) At syempre, mas nakakainis na bentang benta naman sa mga judges yung sagot nya.

Because of the time pressure, Shamcey only had one second to go over the question in her head and immediately state her answer; the rest of the candidates had as much as 30 seconds because their interpreter would let them pause while he/she would translate their answers in installments. Then during those intervals, they were able to compose their thoughts for as long as possible.

For the first time since I started watching Miss Universe, I finally felt that our candidate deserved to win the title after hearing her Q&A. It was a shame the judges thought otherwise.

* * * *

Nakakainis din yung mga nag-twee-tweet na “I don’t care about beauty pageants,” sabay tweet ng “If I were to answer Shamcey’s final question…”

So feeling mo matalino ka? Sige, tayo ka muna in front of millions of people, with everyone’s eyes on you, tapos saka ka sumagot sa panibagong question in your high heels after having been onstage for close to two hours. 

Inggit ka lang. 

* * * *

This brings me to the value of beauty pageants, particularly Miss Universe because that’s the one I actively follow. I won’t even discuss how it raises funds for charities, specially for HIV awareness. Details on that can be found here:

In life, kanya-kanyang diskarte lang yan. You can work extremely hard in a multinational and climb up the corporate ladder until you have that corner office with the magnificent view.

You can hone your basketball skills in your neighborhood kanto, sacrifice going to the best school in the country in favor of another university with an excellent basketball program, top the league, enter the PBA and earn millions of pesos and secure the future of your generation.

You can rely on your mestizo looks and chiseled body, drop your pants in a billboard, create controversy and finally put your sport in everyone’s radar.

You can have the grossest values and also earn millions by hosting a noontime show—or by becoming a politician.

Or you can twirl around in your bikini, navigate through steps and turns in your long dress, risk slipping or falling flat on your butt in front of millions of people, and answer a question that can potentially be a YouTube sensation for the wrong reasons—but the rewards are limitless.

Where life is commerce, how are those different from sacrificing family time for work? From honing your basketball skills when there’s school? From gaining publicity through your crotch and not by actual talent?

Answer: in winning a beauty pageant, you need to be both beautiful and smart. Otherwise, these are only different ways of doing one thing: getting ahead in life.


6 thoughts on “My post-Miss Universe 2011 thoughts

  1. Anonymous says:

    i think kahit san i never saw a blog predicting that Angola would win (wala nga sa top 10 lists e). Hihintayin ko na lang ang Pizza commercial ni Shamcey hehehebtw, thank you for the blogs on Miss U and UAAP Cheer dance. Good job as always.-Anonymous din (Pero si My to)


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