Figure drawing for men’s fashion

One of my frustrations is that I can’t draw guys. I find it more difficult to draw their proportions correctly and make the sinews look as natural or realistic as possible. I rarely draw them that I only have one drawing of a guy on record, and it’s way too simple at that. If I could read my signature correctly, I made this 12 years ago:

A few months ago, I bought drawing materials and began sketching again. This was largely because of the Miss Universe pageant so I never really thought about men’s fashion illustration until Mon gave me this yesterday:

I was blown away, first by the idea that I may still work on this frustration after all; and second, by how detailed this book is. It gives lessons on proportions and features chapters on details such as facial features, hairstyle, hands, feet, draping, lighting, and poses. It left no stone unturned!

Skipped this part for now

Interesting and helpful but I skipped this part for now, too.
Same with this, although this should also be helpful in my women’s fashion illustration.
Hard to skip this part but yeah, lol!
So that’s how you draw those armpits

I like how the authors were considerate so as to include as many poses as possible, lol.

Hip hop! I like hip hop fashion 🙂

Lots of tips for runway illustrations

Here’s my first attempt. I want to train my hands to draw a masculine figure as naturally as possible. Whenever I sketch, I automatically create curves for the boobs and I cinch my models’ waist so when drawing dudes, I find it hard to keep the torso boxy yet sexy at the same time.

Ayan, armpit pose, lol. Drawing those abs is really tricky.

For now, I’m going to concentrate on finding my model’s balance; I want my guys to have a natural swag. Here, I’m trying to make him look like he’s a Dolce & Gabbana model but instead, he’s looking pretty stiff and constipated here, lol:

When I’ve improved maybe I can ask real male models to pose for me no? 😉


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