World Vision

My first snail mail for the year happened to be one of the best Christmas cards I’ve ever received. 

In 2011, I decided to sponsor a kid through World Vision. (Yes, that’s me––the agnostic bordering on the atheist––donating to a Christian organization. According to the website, it’s non-denominational and it does not discriminate a child whatever his or her beliefs may be. I surely hope so.) You can choose whether to sponsor a boy or a girl, or let WV pick one for you, as was in my case. I ended up with a boy with a very unique first name and whose favorite subject in school is Math. Those made for very interesting subjects in our first letter swap. And yep, we write handwritten notes! (This does bring me back to the days of ‘pen pals’ though I never actually had a pen pal that I wasn’t friends with in real life to begin with.) I also think those conversations with him have allowed me to see the bigger picture and become more positive and calm. 

You too can help a kid for as little as P600 a month. That’s P150 a week, or roughly the price a venti-sized frappe. Such a small amount to help a little brother in need. 

Visit the World Vision child sponsorship page here. 

4 thoughts on “World Vision

  1. Jason says:

    Hello!Gail – Thanks! It was my sister that got me into it. Razielle – Wow, that's been quite a while nga, hehe.Mymy – Hehe yes, that's how I was called in high school. And yey! I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience 🙂


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