Things I love: Pocket


Pocket in Google Chrome

Pocket is really just a fancy way to present your bookmarked websites but the difference is with Pocket, you get to access your bookmarks across your iOS or Android devices and desktop computers in a well-organized and -presented format.

Pocket on the iPad

In all my years as a desktop user, I’ve never used my computer’s bookmark function extensively, aside from placing my heavily visited websites in my browser’s toolbar. Pocket has changed all that, mostly because it’s pretty 🙂

Listed format

The links are spread beautifully in a magazine-type layout, or you may choose to arrange them in a list (say, if you need to quickly go through your archive). Instead of categorizing and consequently, hiding your bookmarks inside foldersmost probably, never to be seen again—Pocket allows you to ‘tag’ your content, which is a better way of organizing your bookmarks, and still see your links on your homepage.

You may also filter your content according to text/articles, videos, or images;

or those which you’ve marked as ‘favorites’ or ‘read’ (or archived). A bulk edit button enables you to tag, mark as favorite, archive and delete several bookmarks at once.

For articles, you have a choice to view it as it was on the original website, or just pare it down to the article and photos.

You may also share your links via email, Twitter, Facebook, and other integrated apps, and adjust the font, font size, brightness and contrast settings as you can on iBooks or Kindle:

Overall, it’s an awesome way to organize your online faves. Get Pocket for your Apple, Android or web browser here.


3 thoughts on “Things I love: Pocket

  1. Laurene says:

    I love Pocket! I have it in all my mobile devices. The Twitter app for iOS also connects with Pocket so you can bookmark links from there. My only problem now is cleaning everything out. I currently have over a thousand bookmarked pages. Carried over pa mula noong Read It Later. I much prefer this over Instapaper. 🙂


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