Film review: Magic Mike


  • Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer barely had one page of lines in the movie.
  • Then, the MTRCB bastardized the film with several cuts, (Iggy points out that it’s the distributors who cut the film so it can make the lower MTRCB viewer rating) which made the movie look cheap—frames would jump forward abruptly, and it made that sound too. If I were Steven Soderbergh and found out about it, I’d raise hell,
  • because the film was beautifully shot, it truly was. I loved how the entire film looked as if it was layered with an Instagram filter.
  • I’m not even talking about the stripper scenes. I enjoyed those, yes (hello?!), but they were more of a comic relief… and too short, anyway. *Harhar*
  • This is the first time I ever fell deeply in love with the cinematography and camera work without it being a ‘landscape movie,’ e.g., Lord of the Rings.
  • Here’s an example of how beautiful the framing was: I still remember that shot wherein Channing Tatum rested his head on the couchshould have been a banal frame but the film made it look important.
  • It also felt like Steven was shooting from the hip and approaching the objects of his desire as close as possible.
  • I like the lead actress: I say, Mandy Moore; Pam says, Sheryl Crow. Her protectiveness over her younger brother gave me the warm fuzzies since I have an Ate, too.

Rating: 9/10



3 thoughts on “Film review: Magic Mike

  1. Katrina Atienza says:

    If I remember correctly, the MTRCB doesn't cut films – they only rate them. The ones who cut these movies are the film distributors, to make them fit into the R-13 rating and therefore screen-able at SM cinemas which doesn't allow R18 movies but is the largest chain of cineplexes, so sayang ang kita nila. Someone should really complain about this kasi ang daming magandang movie na nasisira dahil sa self-censorship na yan. Plus, um, if they really want to fight piracy how about ensuring the movies we pay to see legally aren't chopped to bits diba? (sorry, super tagal ko nang pet peeve yang R13 rating na yan)


  2. Max Green says:

    I found nothing wrong with the movie. In fact, I wassurprised that it actually packed in some substantial plot points between shotsof men wiggling around. My only complaint with my Magic Mike experience was myfellow movie-watchers. It was like these women had never seen a man’s chestbefore! I don’t even feel like I saw the movie in its entirety, since it wasconstantly being interrupted with the hooting and hollering of women wavingdollar bills in the air. To make matters worse, I happened to be watching thefilm with a few Dish coworkers of mine; that made for some interestingconversation around the office the next day. Next time I want to see the movie,I will just get it delivered to my house from my Blockbuster@Home service that Iget through my Dish account; that way I can pause and rewind as much as I wanttoo! 😉


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