Closer: The Sartorialist’s second book

If you follow my Instagram, this photo, taken from The Sartorialist’s second book Closer, was what inspired me to wear a crisp white shirt and seriously ripped jeans to work earlier today.

Before I go on, here’s a backgrounder: I slept at 4 a.m. and had to wake up three hours later for work. I saw three different clocks––those in my bedroom, bathroom, and sala––and I took my sweet time showering because I knew I was right on sched. After my bath, that’s when I realized that wait, I was in fact, already an hour late. My watches were all synchronized correctly, but somehow my brain read them all differently. Weird.

Since I was already late anyway, I decided to flip through Closer, which was one of Pam and Jill’s birthday gifts to me this year. I normally scan the book at night which is problematic because by the time inspiration builds up and I’m itching to wear something nice, I realize I’ve really nowhere else to go and nothing else to do but sleep. So yes, I think reading this in the morning makes way more sense.

Anyway, I ended up on that page, hence my getup. It’s a lovely book. I wouldn’t want to say “the photos were carefully picked” because that seems to suggest they’re contrived; rather, Scott Schuman carefully chose his subjects. They do inspire me to put a little more effort to what I’m wearing.

I have his first book as well, which featured more summer/spring wear and hence, more relatable to me. Nevertheless, Closer has a more refined and diverse aesthetic, never mind if its subjects were most often photographed wrapped in the thickest of cashmere.


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