The Au Chocolat Tea from Lupicia

Mich, who is living in Japan, sent over chocolate black tea (The Au Chocolat) from Lupicia a few months ago. I finally brewed a batch early this morning and I fell in love.

Opening the package was pure pleasure: you immediately get a whiff of rich dark cocoa as if I had a tablet of tablea in front of me.

The Au Chocolat Tea from Lupicia is blended with cocoa nib and powder.

Brewing took me no more than two minutes and the water turned into a deep golden color. Being partial to green tea, I normally find black tea too strong for my taste, but the background flavor for this one was smooth and full-bodied with almost no astringency. It added depth to the top note, which had a roasted, chocolate aroma.

Even with a few millimeters left, the liquor still has a rich golden color.

I haven’t tried it with milk and sugar, which I read gives it a whole new different flavor, but as it is, it is perfect for breakfast or dessert.


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