My 2013 resolutions

First, here’s how I fared the previous year:

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff––Avoid stress by all means. Online, this means not being part of the lynch mob, especially if I’m not being part of the solution.
Done. I can’t even remember being ruffled by anything this year, as in nada. This went as far as accepting the Philippines’ loss in Miss Universe very gracefully, lol. But seriously, I haven’t been snarky; I’ve been very calm about hotly debated issues, such as the RH bill; I didn’t devote a single tweet about #amalayer girl; I calmly accepted the headache that is Globe Telecom. Even my latest breakup was (on my end) wonderfully Zen. What this has thought me is that: there is a bigger world other than mine; and it certainly does not revolve around me or my opinions.

  • Write letters once a month––it doesn’t even have to be handwritten

  • Continue reading one new book each month
Done––sort of. I wasn’t able to finish a book in April, though I made up for it in June. Will correct it this year 🙂

  • De-clutter every quarter
Failed. In my defense, I haven’t amassed unnecessary stuff this year. My purchases were kept at a minimum all-year round, so while I do still need to do some de-cluttering, it wasn’t exactly imperative.

  • I must be able to do 100 push ups––in one set––by the end of the year.
Failed. I can only do 40 straight.

  • Be more demonstrative in my appreciation of other people; constantly give positive feedback
I’ll leave my friends and colleagues to be the judge of this.

  • Master the art of tolerance––not everything is about me or pertains to me. It’s not about me unless you categorically address it to me; otherwise, dedma!
Done, with flying colors. See #1.

  • Use my Fisheye 2 again: develop one roll each month
FAILED! I haven’t finished my roll from 2011!

  • Write at least one feature article a month

  • I want to do more for the Pinoy LGBT community
Failed :-{
A belated resolution I made was to be debt-free and always pay my credit card balance in full every due date. I am proud to say I paid my bank not a single cent of interest fee the entire year. They must hate me, lol.

Okay, so that’s 4/10, lol. But owing to the first and last resolutions, I really think I became a better person in 2012 😀

For 2013, I will:

  • Continue to not sweat the small stuff.
  • Continue to read one book a month. My roster has to include an English classic, a nonfiction, Filipino literature, and a book published in 2013.
  • Write outside of work once a week—whether handwritten notes, a feature story, an entry in my blog, or journal.
  • Watch a TED video and read a More Intelligent Life article at least once a week.
  • Enroll in a class—any will do.
  • 100 push ups, let’s do this.
  • Spend the weekend at my parents’ at least once every quarter.
  • Taste a different bottle of wine every month.
This year, I’ve also chosen a word which will serve as my theme and inspiration for my choices: spring. 

To rise, leap, act, move swiftly; to be released from a constrained position; to come into being by growth.

Happy New Year!


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