A few, basic pointers for job applicants

I’ve been interviewing people for more than a month now. To applicants, kindly consider the following tips:
  • Apologize for being late, even if it’s just for one minute. I can understand if you woke up late or got stuck in traffic or in the elevator, had a mini accident with your heels or shirt, makeup or whatever—I will understand it—but please say sorry. 
  • On that note, please don’t be late. Not everyone can be as accommodating. 
  • Please stand up when the interviewer enters the room, even if you’re female. I even read somewhere that you’re not supposed to sit down until the interviewer arrives but I think that’s too much. 
  • If you know the job entails working with different nationalities, please try to speak English even if you think you’re bad at it—I don’t mind, unless of course it is part of the job requirement (e.g., editorial). The nationalities you will be working with probably aren’t that well-versed in English too, especially if it’s not their first language. 
  • Brush your hair. Look neat and pristine. 
  • At one point in the interview, I purposely stay silent for a long, long time. I’d like to see if you’ll take the moment to further assert your qualifications. 
  • If you’re applying for a leadership role, you’d want to be assertive. 
  • It’s a thin line between grit and arrogance. I can’t help on this. 
  • For the love of Charice, please don’t reply “wala lang” to any question. Ever. 
  • Also don’t say “malibog” when you’re asked about how you think your friends will describe you*. It makes for a memorable interview, but for the wrong reason.
  • An interview should also be a conversation. Do ask professional questions; they should help you determine the attractiveness of the job and company you’re applying for/in.
These ‘small’ details may matter if it all else ends up equal between you and another candidate.

*Yes, this happened. He had an extremely nice build and he was  wet from the rain. He’s now working with us. I kid, I kid!!!


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