I’m here!

It's so meta!

So yep, I've moved here–after a bajillion years in Blogger!
This is not my first time in WordPress. I've tried it probably a year or two before. However, during that time, I totally could not understand it. It seemed like a platform more suitable to professional developers; I had a headache trying to make changes to the HTML and widgets, etc. I gave up in 20 minutes.
And then a few days ago, I thought, hey, why not give it another go? (Coincidentally, Iggy has also redesigned her blog, so it was an added push.) And so here I am, hooked. How come no one told me it had become this easy and so… advanced? After having been in Blogger, I feel like I should welcome myself to the 21st century. WordPress has so many blogging features–photo gallery! posting formats! awesome albeit paid themes! sticky and showcase features!–that just wasn't available to me before. In fact, I was in the dark about the existence of these features, it's just now that I discovered them!
I iMessaged Pam aka Polish Police, who has been using WordPress for quite some time and basically gushed about my experience. In so many installments, I basically said: this is so awesome!
I hope I can sustain this, haha!

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