Our calligraphy workshop (and my baby steps)

Two weeks ago, friends and I booked a calligraphy class with the elegant Fozzy. It was held in Space Oddities MNL, a furniture shop at F1 Hotel in Bonifacio Global City. The setting couldn’t have been more appropriate: we were surrounded by gorgeous furniture, and our writing desk was an illustrious (and definitely expensive-looking) hardwood.

In other words, I had everything I needed to wield stunning calligraphy: an esteemed artiste, who provided us with the tools to create such beautiful art; a luxurious space to set the mood; and classmates with the competitive spirit of a size 9 bride who wants to fit into her size 2 wedding gown a month before the ceremony.

So why was it that, despite all that I had going for me, my work ended up looking like this, lol?

I has no excuse. I a shame. I guess my hands are better off doing other things. *wink wink*

What I love about Fozzy was that she was very patient even if Nel was we were so noisy and kept cracking green jokes at every opportunity. (Pen + dipping ink = you definitely have some material there.) She lets you have a go at calligraphy, praising you once you get the hang of it or offering tips for when you get stuck somewhere. She also showed us her work, which were definitely something to aspire to–although at this point, I might be better off purchasing them than creating them on my own 😛

But in all seriousness, the class inspired me to work on my calligraphy. I may not be a prodigy like Lele or Giff, who floored us with their master strokes, but like most things in life, practice makes (close to) perfect. 🙂

I accidentally threw out my nib 😛 Yey, go me!


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