Pino whoa!


Pam celebrated her birthday in Pino last Monday, October 14. Unlike me, who tend to mope and brood on my birthday (particularly if my age falls on an odd number—don’t ask), Pam fully embraces being a year older, something all of us should aspire to doing.

In fact, the decor in the private room in Pino screamed her age:


Personally, I think I’m going to start being vain and coy about my age when doctors begin to become younger than me.

It was an intimate dinner in one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in recent years. (Tatung would be the other one—my review, which I co-wrote with Tatin, in PDI here.) Dish after dish, I was floored by how new, comforting, and confident each meal tasted.

I’ll do a proper blog entry next time as I find it in bad taste to ‘review’ a dinner, which a friend hosted, lol. For now, I just couldn’t help it—everything we ordered in Pino tasted so good and for great value!

They have excellent beer, too.

Without any apologies to purists, I have to say I’m liking the emergence of flavored beers in the metro. (I’ve tried Rue Bourbon’s Caramel Beer, and Brotzeit’s Vodka-Lime and Mango Beer; there’s also San Miguel’s apple and lemon variants.) In Pino, I tried the green apple, and a taste of the peach and watermelon. Their other variants include strawberry, honeymansi, cucumber, and lychee, and they only give me more reasons to be back (as if the food wasn’t enough).

Pino Resto Bar
38 Jupiter St
Bel-Air, Makati
+63 2 550 1781


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