Tatin’s LG Pocket Photo printer

When Tatin began posting photos of her LG Pocket Photo mobile printer, I couldn’t help but remember those times when my friends and I would go to Timezone and have our photos taken with Neoprint. They’re so cute! (Of course, it helps that she has such cute subjects, too.)

Printing is addictive! #lgpopolaunchph #lgpocketphotoph

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So we were glad when she brought it to a party and generously demonstrated it—using our own photos! It prints pretty quickly at 45 seconds; I had a longer time deciding how to pose, haha. Here’s Tatin demonstrating the LG’s Pocket Photo mobile printer (had to cut the video really short because I almost dropped the camera and there was a lot of screaming and shouting, lol):

And here’s the output!

My LG Pocket Photo print

Print output is 2×3 inches

The photos are printed using Zink (Zero Ink) technology. We’re still trying to research how long the prints would last, and since the technology is fairly new, we haven’t gotten any definitive answer yet. At this point, I’ve read that it lasts for “years and years” and that it’s waterproof (though I don’t want to test that claim). As with ordinary photos, you wouldn’t want to expose it to direct heat or sunlight.

According to Tatin, you can add text and edit your photos using its nine built-in filters. It connects to your device via NFC or Bluetooth. As mentioned in the vid, unit is P7,990, while the photo paper is P600 for 60 sheets. Available at LG dealers.


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