The Dining Room, Opus

Opus’s The Dining Room can be an intimidating place: there are huge frescoes on the wall, lacquered flooring, glass dividers, and quilted seats. Once seated, you are handed a stately menu, with linen-embossed vanilla papers as thick as wedding cards. However, once settled, you realize there’s warmth to the place, and most especially in its dishes.

This isn't a birthday dinner, this is a feast. Thank you @officialtimyap ❤

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The food, without question, was unassailable. With the complimentary bread alone, Opus already had us at ooh and aah. (Choose the olive bread over pumpkin, though you may certainly have both.) We noted that the menu is entirely different from what we saw in its website because I was bent on ordering the Chilean Seabass, but it was off the menu that was handed to us. Eventually, I settled on the octopus—later amended to squid—salad and Fish on Paper. My pairing, as it turned out, was a happy accident: the salad, with its coastal flavor and vinaigrette dressing evoked the sun and the sea, while my entrée, with its vegetables and potatoes stewed in rich tomato sauce was French Provençal. It was friendly and at the same time, foreign, as if I was welcomed warmly into someone else’s home. They almost seemed incongruous when paired with the elegant Moët, and yet, all three shared a crispness and lightness that brought my gourmet experience to a high note.


It was birthday celebration #5 for Pam!

Opus is perhaps more known as a club, and so of course, we had to have their drinks. The mojito was one of the best I’ve had, though my friend Coco makes a killer mix, too. Overall, it was a five-star experience. Thanks to Tim for hosting us!


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