Food: Yakitori One

chicken karaage

I order this every time – as in every time – I’m in the food court of SM Aura. It’s the don buri chicken karaage set (P130), two sticks of beautifully golden skewered chicken on a bed of white rice, teriyaki sauce, seaweed strips, and pink pickles. It’s an elegantly plated dish, considering this is a fast food joint.

I guess what makes me keep coming back is that this dish has that ‘umami’ taste–––it’s hard to explain, except that the combination of flavors (and depending on the sauce you get, you can have an exponential variation of sweetness, saltiness, creaminess–––lahat na ng ‘ness,’ lol) makes you keep craving for more. (Though I find that adding a third stick is enough to satiate my appetite.)

Incidentally, they had a promo where a third yakitori gets you a free soup. Even without the promo, I always go for the homey shouga (chicken, mushroom) soup.

I’ve tried its other yakitori dishes, but to me, this is the one that gets five stars.


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