Things I Love: Bench Organics

I’ve written about how I’m a fan of Neutrogena’s Body Oil, but I had to admit that at some point, I got bored by it. I’ve been looking for alternatives, and it was by accident that while accompanying a friend in Bench, I saw that it had a good stock of bath and beauty products.

Obviously, I gravitated toward these. With my skin having gotten drier, any product that screams ‘oil’ calls my attention.

Bench Organics Moroccan Argan Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (P200 each)

Understandably, with the cheap price, you don’t get 100 percent organic oil, though it does have macadamia oil and vitamin E. And in any case, I don’t mind!

It’s subtle on the skin; in fact, I wish it’s oilier. Even if you apply it on dry (as opposed to damp) skin, it is easily absorbed in minutes and does not leave a gooey residue. In fact, I use it on my face before going to bed! If you have normal skin, this would be perfect. In my case, it’s good enough–could be better–but I love the smell, particularly of Argan Oil.

For now, these will do until I miss Neutrogena’s Body Oil or I find other cheaper alternatives.


2 thoughts on “Things I Love: Bench Organics

    • Jason says:

      Lol. Buy a spritzer tapos spray yourself with it after a bath. Easier and faster than using lotion! For the face, a few drops lang, pang moisturize lang din for me 😀


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