Food gallery: a hipster (lol) Christmas feast

Aside from our gift-wrapping contest, our other most-defining Christmas tradition is the food!

Giff, Jill, and Pam have been our gracious chefs over the years, and in the last two years, Nel!

It’s not an understatement to say that their dishes are worth daydreaming about until the next day, or in fact, through the years! For example, the Mexican Corn has been sorely missed, but hurrah, it was back this year; while their Billy’s Cake would have to wait until next time.

Everything’s so good, but this year, I almost had an orgasm (lol) over Nel’s burgers and Giff’s barbecue and chicken pizza. They were also all beautifully plated and the name cards were decorated with washi tapes! (Very hipster, lol.)

My friends really ought to open their own restaurant!

Photos were all processed using VSCO, one of my new favorite apps:


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