Dressing up my Kobo in van Gogh

In October, I posted how Tatin dressed up her Kobo. It’s a custom Calvin and Hobbes print and she had it made via GelaSkins.

Well, Tatin asked if I wanted to order since she was purchasing a new batch, and so I browsed through the options and found this:


I immediately fell in love with the print; it’s Almond Branches in Bloom by Vincent van Gogh. I liked how it was brooding and beautiful at the same time, which I think, perfectly captures the act of reading.

Tatin received my order a couple of weeks ago and when she dressed up my Kobo, I was so happy: I didn’t expect it was going to be this gorgeous in person:

One of the factors I considered in choosing a design was that it shouldn’t distract me from the text (the other was that it should be dark); however, I find these prints so pretty I couldn’t stop looking at them!

I kind of regret not having ordered GelaSkins for my Nexus 4, though I’m considering making a custom print, too.

GelaSkins also makes framed prints; visit www.gelaskins.com for details.


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