Video: My year in seconds (how to remember your life)

Toward the end of January 2013, I saw this TED video by Cesar Kuriyama on what it’s like to take a one-second video clip daily and compiling them at the end of the year.

“If I live to 80, I will have a five-hour video that summarizes 50 years of my life. At 40, I’ll have a one-hour video of my 30s.”

I loved the idea (and I think that this year would be the year of documentation for me) so I tried it.

Well, what do you know, I failed. There were days when I felt that there was ‘nothing’ for me to video, or that I simply forgot to take one, until my misses of two, three days turned into weeks, and eventually, months.

Could you imagine that? I couldn’t even be bothered to spend one second—that’s one freaking second—for this project; that’s crazy!

So for the last hours of 2013, this is what I did: compile some of the videos that I did take together with some photos I have on my mobile phone. The result…

… is pretty lame, lol. What is with all these food shots? And selfies??? (Well, in my defense, some of my other files are in my desktop computer :-P)

It’s amazing though how some of these food pics and selfies trigger my memories of that day—so in a way, it still works for me: this is a pretty good way to sum up my 2013. I’d complain how mundane it was (i.e., I didn’t go out of town, it was all home – work for me), but after the year’s events: my Lolo’s and dog’s death, my father’s sickness, countless heartbreaking stories from friends, I’d take mundane anytime. (Ergo, if you’re bored, that’s something to be thankful for, too.)

For 2014, I promise to work hard on this project as the result, I suspect, would be pretty amazing.

Soundtrack I used is Obsession by Gesaffelstein. Download their album, Aleph, it’s good for work or lounging around.


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