Gallery: Long hair inspiration

Once every few months, I get very adamant about growing my hair long. I had my longest run early last year when I would only get my haircut every two months:



And then in a frenzied decision—it took me no more than 5 minutes—I asked for a crop. (It’s funny how I rebelled from this style during my ROTC days, and now, I actually volunteer to do it?):



Basically, that has been the story of my hair in the last 10 years (the last time I had longish hair was in 2004): I’d be bent on going long, and then somewhere along the way, I’d grow impatient and chop it all off.

The thing is, I once had a Korean hairstylist who was very adamant about me NOT having long hair (I even tried talking him to it, to no avail), and I trusted his judgement. You see, when my hair is short, I look good, period. (LOL.) I mean, I look my best when it’s short. Whereas if my hair gets a little longer than usual, I get all sorts of fugly.

Anyway. My haircut is expensive. Maintaining it is expensive. And recently, I’ve come to realize, I don’t even care if my hair looks sloppy. The bottom line is: I have hair! I’m still growing hair! Let’s celebrate all that hair before they’re gone. (I asked Pa when he started losing hair in case it runs in my genes; apparently, I may have about 2-3 years left. Please, please, may the force be stronger from my mother’s side.)

To push me into finally doing it, for real this time, I’m actually putting it out there by blogging it; and I’ve started collecting my hair inspiration. Well, let’s admit it: those faces and bods aren’t bad either, but let’s start with something more realistic 😀

Wish me luck!


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