My 2014 resolutions

First, a review of how I fared with my resolutions last year:

  • Continue to not sweat the small stuff. I think I still fared well in this department. This time, I’ll try not to sweat the big stuff and learn how to keep my composure and sense of balance—without being apathetic—amid major life challenges. To help me in this respect, I am scheduled to read Letters From a Stoic by Seneca, the idea for which I got from @midee.
  • Continue to read one book a month. My roster has to include an English classic, a nonfiction, Filipino literature, and a book published in 2013. Done.
  • Write outside of work once a week—whether handwritten notes, a feature story, an entry in my blog, or journal. Erm. I didn’t even bother tracking this. But yes, I think I accomplished this as I was scribbling most of the time in my journals and here in my blog. I wish I contributed more in Inquirer, though. I think I only had one article published this year.
  • Watch a TED video and read a More Intelligent Life article at least once a week. Failed. But I sure did read a lot, including articles from Vanity Fair, Quartz, and The Verge.
  • Enroll in a class—any will do. Oh my, this is one resolution I completely forgot about. Though, I did have one day of calligraphy class 😀
  • 100 push ups, let’s do this. Another resolution I forgot about. I just tried doing it now and I only managed to do 40 in one go 😦 I’m pretty disappointed as I expected more from myself—I’ve been diligent with my push up exercise. On the plus side, I’ve recently set a personal record of 160 push ups in one set (about 2 minutes rest). Though this only makes me wonder even more why I can only manage to pull 40 in one rep.
  • Spend the weekend at my parents’ at least once every quarter. It didn’t exactly happen this way, but I did spend more time with my parents this year 🙂
  • Taste a different bottle of wine every month. This happened. Until now, my insides turn (serious!) whenever I see–and especially smell—a jamón serrano or gourmet cheese, the two things I ate when I had that Pinot Noir. Oh, I forgot to include this in my blog post: I lost a boy that night.

Here are my resolutions this year:

  • Go to some place new each month. Watching my 1secondeveryday video made me sad for myself, lol. Well, in my defense, I was really saving up for something major last year, hence I was so tight with my budget. But, as a lot of Filipino travel blogs would prove, you don’t really need a lot of money to go around the country—and even outside. (Though another problem is vacation leaves; I don’t think I have enough left.) Anyway, baby steps they say, so for this resolution, I just need to go to any new place—ANY—as long as it’s outside Makati and Mandaluyong, haha!
  • Complete a 1secondeveryday video by the end of the year.
  • To add to my roster of books above: make that two Filipino novels a year, plus another book by an Asian author.
  • Finish the French class in Duolingo. I adore this app! I should probably do a blog review soon.
  • Memorize a new poem each month. If I can memorize Evita, I can surely memorize poems.
  • Watch a stage play every quarter.

I’m not going to make it official, but I will try to appreciate wine again; and write, write, write.



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