Restaurant review: Commune

Commune is separated into two areas: one, which has a canteen-like setup, albeit with comfortable chairs; and the cozier ‘commune’/coffee area, with one-seater sofas, wrought-iron chairs, and a couple of high tables with a four- and six-person capacity.

Since I was eating dinner, I wanted to be by my lonesome on the canteen side, but the waiter insisted I transfer to the coffee area.

“But the chairs over there look uncomfortable,” I said, noting the remaining wrought-iron seats that haven’t been taken.

The waiter only stared at me, waiting.

I never want to be the difficult customer, so off I went to the ‘commune’ area; after all, I chose to be here, so I suppose I must follow the waiter’s imposed seating rules. (Later, another group of four would be transferred to our side; only when all seats were occupied did the waiter stop moving people from where they wanted to seat.)

True enough, my seat was uncomfortable, though I did like the space: it was contemporary (read: hipster) and friendly, though despite the small area and the cafe’s name, I didn’t see any interaction going on outside the customers’ respective circles.

The coffee comes with a super cute 3D latte art! It was so hard to drink this dog away!

The coffee comes with a super cute 3D latte art! It was so hard to drink this dog away!

I ordered the chicken adobo (P180+). At the center of my plate sat a banana leaf shaped into a small pod, which contained the adobo atop a bed of hot rice. It looked pretty, though I initially struggled eating the dish: do I unravel the pod? There was no easy way to do so, so I figured you leave the pod as it is. I scooped the chicken out of it, placing them on the little available space left on my plate.

Note: This is not a dish you’d want to order if you are on your first date—the rib and leg combination proved challenging in maintaining my culinary poise and Zen plating.

As for the taste, it was salty for my preference; the soy sauce and vinegar balanced each other just fine, but perhaps, a little less of the former. For the price, I find it a little steep due to the averageness of the dish, but mostly due to its serving size. This is not a place you can go to for lunch or dinner every day.

Commune’s strongest points however, at least as far as reviews I’ve read are concerned, are its coffee and dessert. I only got to try their latte, but I heard a lot about its homemade apple pie and that’s something I look forward to trying.

The latte’s (P120+) large serving size was generous. It was smooth to the taste but not as creamy as I expect my latte. In any case, I test my coffee based on acidity, and I’m glad to say Commune’s didn’t mess up my tummy. I wish it gave me a stronger flavor, though: I was still able to taste the ‘water’ in my cup as I found the brew to be on the thin side.

I can still see myself returning to Commune as a place to hang out in (it has power plugs available for your gadgets), as well as for the coffee and the desserts, which I’ve yet to try. Meals would most likely be somewhere else.


Liberty Plaza, 102 H.V. Dela Costa Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City

Mon – Sat: 8:00 am – 11:00 pm


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