I don’t like how the years are turning into a blur. Earlier, I was telling a friend a story from four years ago so she said, “Ah so around 2010” and in my head, that didn’t compute, so I was like, “No, no, it’s not” until I realized, oops, she’s right! I thought that four years ago meant 2006; apparently I stopped counting in 2010.

That has always been my mindset. I automatically assume that 2001 was only 9 years ago, and that the Y2K scare was only a decade old. I think of what happened starting 2010 and except for the events of last year, my mind comes up empty.

I’m even more alarmed now. It started when I compiled my yearend video, and now this—the realization that I’m not gaining enough new experiences, or seeking out travels, and people, and ANYTHING; that everything is speeding by unnoticed, and that the years are melding into a blur. As if they no longer count. I refuse to feel this same way by the end of 2014. God knows I don’t need any dramas in my life so I’m hoping this year would be exciting in a positive way. Just this weekend, I received a fantastic and welcome news–my friends got engaged! That made me so happy. I hope it’s an omen for all the great things that will come my way this year.


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