I didn’t think it possible to kill a cactus

Aren’t cacti supposed to be low maintenance? Apparently, no.


I got this as a party favor from Mike and Melay’s wedding. It was pretty then, almost like a flower as it blossomed layers of jade and sea green. I couldn’t wait to take it home and place it on my… nightstand. (Well, there’s your clue.)

Weeks later, I panicked: the flesh was clearly turning crisp and brown. At this time of the year, our apartment does not get as much sun as in the summer, so even if I placed it by the window, it could barely catch any sunlight. I texted Bryan about it.

“Yun na nga lang kailangan nya di mo pa mabigay.”

I then began bringing it outside our door whenever I was home. (We don’t have an outdoor space, so I’m apprehensive about doing so unless I could check it every hour.) However, that was not enough–clearly not enough as you can see in the photo.

According to Jill and my research, cacti in general need at least five hours of direct sunlight. And as you’ve probably noticed in Manila, we’re barely getting that: we’ve had overcast skies for a couple of weeks now. And I’m rarely home, except on weekends!

The thing is, I’m pretty okay with plants. I maintain three in my office, though to their credit, they’re super low maintenance: even if I forget to water them in a week, they survive. Two don’t require sunlight, and the third one’s satisfied with its weekend jaunts by my colleagues’ window where it’s brighter (from indirect sunlight) and warmer.

Not sure how else I can rescue this, except by leaving it outside the house even when I’m not around and risk losing it to someone who may be able to take it better.

How about that, Sophie’s choice.


3 thoughts on “I didn’t think it possible to kill a cactus

  1. Deepa says:

    OMG! I killed a cactus too… and it was just like this one! Nilagay ko siya sa banyo. Ayon, ambilis niyang natigok.
    If you have difficulty getting direct sunlight in Manila, ano pa’ng pag-asa ko dito?!


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